03/11/17 - Introduction

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03/11/17 - Introduction

Message par Haykidofin le Ven 3 Nov - 9:08

Hello dear reader, and welcome to my first journal entry.

While on a normal Skype call with friends Mlawinner and Laimosh yesterday night, local genius "Mlawinner the great" had the brilliant idea of setting up this website and posting on it regularly to keep track of our projects and ideas, as well as motivate us greatly.

My aim out of these entries is to constantly practise my English, and keep a record of how each week/month goes. (depending on how often I will update this thread)
Thus, all my journal entries will be written in English.

For this week, I will be collecting data on our 3 sleep schedules, compiling it into the programming language R and having a look at it through univariate analysis tools.
I will try to post the results here when possible.
I will also be writing some more in other Threads such as Aikido in Sports and English in Languages (obviously lol)

Until next time.


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Re: 03/11/17 - Introduction

Message par Mlawinner le Ven 3 Nov - 9:17

Hello Haykidofin, It's a pleasure to read your first message. But I'm not that great, the idea came from all of us. I hope we'll continue the project as long as possible mate.
I'm eager to read the follow up.


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