11/12/17 - Sleepless nights lead to unexpected updates

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11/12/17 - Sleepless nights lead to unexpected updates

Message par Haykidofin le Lun 11 Déc - 2:25

Hey, it's been a while.

This forum has lacked any sort of update for the past month, so here I am, setting the record on what happened.

Basically, we got tired of sleeping 5h or 6h a day and decided to take a break.
Mlawinner got into a new job and Laimosh and I just couldn't take it anymore (and let's not forget the exam period), so we decided on an impromptu break of undefined length for our biphasic sleep.
I have kept updating my number of hours slept (following my inner statistician's instinct), but the other two judged it useless since we are on break.

Regarding data analysis, I have actually written an extremely short R script that plots our hours of sleep per night, but find it still incomplete and am waiting to resume the biphasic sleep before posting it anywhere.

The reason I'm writing all this up is because I slept at 6am yesterday, tried to sleep near midnight now but failed completely and found myself wanting to be the least bit productive. So here we go for a full night of random stuff.

That's all from me for now, see you in a few moons hopefully.

Don't forget to eat your veggies


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